Vidalia, LA


Rejuvenate is an area-wide Women’s Gathering on Monday nights during the month of June. There is an expectancy as women in the area are in preparation to share their hearts in worship, word, and fellowship as we take the month of June to unite as women in the Miss-Lou on a mission to seek the heart of Jesus.
Gather up your sisters, mothers, aunts, daughters, co-workers, friends and neighbors! Come ready to grow and REJUVENATE!
Why should I preregister?
     – We will register everyone at the door so if you are preregistered, you’ll simply just check-in at the door, and it will save you some time at the event
If this is a free event, why is there a spot to enter credit card information when I preregister?
     – The system we use defaults a section for credit card information. Since this event is FREE, just simply skip over the section where you enter credit card information
Can I still attend if I do not preregister?
     – Absolutely! If you choose not to preregister then we will just register you at the door when you arrive!
What if I preregister, but then I can’t make it that night?
     – That’s totally fine! We understand that schedules change, and life happens. If you’ve preregistered for a night, but can’t make it, don’t worry about it. There’s no need to inform us that you won’t be there.