Vidalia, LA


Rejuvenate is a Women’s Gathering that is happening every Monday night in June. This has been an incredible time for the ladies of the community, discovering fresh joy, fresh hope, fresh life in how Jesus is ministering to them during these gatherings.

The Best Life

More than ever today, the saying seems to be that love is answer. No doubt love is the answer, but what is love, have we become accustomed to a diluted love? Have you ever been disappointed with love that was known but seems to be gone? What if the way God loves us is by giving is the very basic principles for the best life He intended? Could having the best life that God predestined us to have really be as simple as 3 basic things? Join in this week for the Ephesians series as we see 3 practical things to avoid that would actually remove every hurt, every disappointment, every regret from this day forward.

Broken Made Perfect

Have you noticed that it’s all the imperfections that cause life’s frustrations? It’s the food that overcooked, the appointment we are late for, it’s the bill that’s due and the money is short. The faults of life can cause great frustration. What if God revealed His way to have peace in the faults of life? Only God can specifically request the faulty parts to make a perfect result. Join us for this weekend’s message as we see how God uses our faults for a perfect result when it’s according to His plan. Find peace in the imperfect and remove the frustration that is typical.

According To Jesus

It seems that no matter what our decisions are reflecting that each person in general wants to be the best they can be. What if that is actually only a shallow perspective of what God’s intentions are for you? What if what you have been given is for much more than just you? The greatest blessing could be when we realize what God gave me is also for you, and what He gave you is actually for me. Join in for week 3 of the Ephesian Series as we see what is God’s intention for our lives.