Vidalia, LA

TheONE: Peru Ministry

What happens when we trade out the words “What if” for the 2 words “Yes Lord.” Join in this week as we hear a challenging message about what to expect in the life of pursuing Jesus.

New Life: Good Enough

The struggle is real. In life there is always someone that seems better and someone that seems worse and somewhere in the middle is good enough. Have you ever considered what really is good enough? Good enough are 2 words we use when purchasing a home, studying for a test, buying a car maybe. When we become good enough in life, we may ultimately be missing God’s absolute best. Join in today as we discover what God’s best is and how to never settle for good enough again.

Easter Sunday 2015

What frustrates you, discourages you, devastates you? What if you could discover in the Easter story the hope that can be found no matter what you face? Join us as we take a heart felt look at what Easter means to us today and the involvement of Jesus in our lives today.

DIRT Series: What Makes Me The Person I Am

Influence is a big word that some crave and some fear. The life experiences of our past, the way we were raised, the encouragement or discouragement we have received, these things are often influences on who we become. While it’s easy to point out influences, what if there is something much bigger at work that determines the real person we become. What if my character, my integrity, my future is determined by something much more powerful than an outside influence? Join in today as we discover what develops us into the people we are and the people we will ultimately become.

DIRT Series –Created To Give Life

The pattern of regret can often be noticed if we will take the time to look at it. Regrets are a part of life that we may want to not ever have yet a part we have until we begin reworking the area of our life that causes them. In this week’s message from the Dirt Series, we look at how do we work the dirt to actually produce the good things that God intended for our lives.

DIRT Series – What About The Chaos

Life can be full of unwanted and unplanned events. Life can be full of turmoil. It can be frustrating to not be able to control what is happening around us in these times. Frustration, anger, depression can all be reactions to the chaotic times. There is good news though as we discover the God over the chaos. Before sin created problems in the garden, God was controlling the chaos. Join in this week as we look at how God can give His presence of peace even in the most chaos times of our life.